The Foundation’s tax returns, IRS Form 990-PF, are maintained in the office of the Foundation for public inspection and are available upon request. Requests should be sent directly to our office at 333 West Fort Street, Suite 1310, Detroit, Michigan 48226. In addition, the IRS Form 990-PF is available at

Values Statements

These values represent the core beliefs that guide the Foundation’s decisions and actions.

Community Impact: Our work aspires to be responsive to the needs and priorities of the people and communities of Detroit, and we are committed to making a positive impact where it is needed most within the Foundation’s four mission areas.

Integrity: We act ethically in all circumstances, treat others with dignity and respect, and communicate directly and transparently.

Responsibility: We rigorously steward the resources entrusted to us and hold ourselves and our partners accountable to the people and communities that we serve.

Innovation: We pursue creative solutions to complex problems, taking calculated risks and flexibly evolving our strategies and approaches as needed for greater efficacy.

Persistence: We take a long-term view in our work, recognizing that sustainable systemic change takes time, patience, and resilience.

Collaboration: We recognize the power of convening, leveraging our resources with the resources of others, and working with partners for greater impact.

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