How to Apply


Organizations interested in submitting a grant proposal should take the following steps:

Review the Foundation’s mission areas and grant-making guidelines to determine eligibility and alignment.

Submit a letter of inquiry. If your organization aligns with the program objectives and grant-making policies, the next step is to submit a brief letter of inquiry.

Though the Hudson-Webber Foundation is interested in exploring new opportunities to invest in impactful work in Detroit, funding for unsolicited requests is limited.

The Foundation also manages the Hudsonian Assistance and Counseling Program to assist eligible former J.L. Hudson Company employees and their dependents with basic needs and support. Eligibility requirements and the application process for the Hudsonian program can be found here.

Review Procedures

Foundation staff reviews letters of inquiry as expeditiously as possible, usually within two to three weeks of submission. If the Foundation is interested in exploring further, staff will contact the applicant to discuss the organization/program or to request additional information. If the Foundation is not interested, the applicant will be notified along with a brief rationale.

Following additional discussion and/or information, the Foundation may invite the applicant to submit a full grant proposal for funding consideration. At that time, the required contents and timing of a grant proposal will be communicated.

The Hudson-Webber Foundation reviews grant proposals on a quarterly basis. Please note that the Foundation’s review process can take three to four months between proposal submission and grant award.