Economy, place, and opportunity are inextricably linked.  For all Detroiters to participate in the city’s recovery—given an enduring legacy of disinvestment in poor and minority communities—economic growth must be linked to strategies that intentionally connect people and communities to opportunity.  The Hudson-Webber Foundation invests in community and civic efforts that provide high quality jobs for all Detroiters, strengthen neighborhoods to provide opportunities and quality of life for residents, and help achieve stable racial and economic diversity and interconnectedness.

Grant Highlights

Eastern Market was awarded a $300,000 grant, during the span of two years, aimed to spur community and real estate development activities, including affordable housing.

Midtown Detroit, Inc. was awarded a $750,000 program grant., payable $250,000 per year for three years, for general operations and community development programming.

SER Metro was awarded a $250,000 grant to connect neighborhood investment to construction career pathways.

United Housing Coalition was awarded a $300,000 program grant, to help prevent tax foreclosure in Detroit and reduce its negative impact on residents and neighborhoods through outreach, counseling, and legal support.