Policy & Research in Support of our Mission

The Hudson-Webber Foundation supports activities aimed at moving local, state, and federal policy, as well as aligning public-sector resources to improve the quality of life in Detroit. The Foundation supports organizations that engage in research and policy on issues aligned with the Foundation’s four mission areas.

Grant Highlights

Citizens Research Council of Michigan received a $25,000 grant to fund research related to the major economic challenges and restructuring issues facing Michigan governments.

Michigan Future received a $100,000 grant to support a project focused on raising Michigan’s standard of living.

The Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies received a $20,000 grant to develop economic policy research and solutions tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities in historically marginalized communities of color, including hosting a roundtable of Midwest political leadership in Detroit.

Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan received an $85,000 grant to support the Turning the Corner research study to increase understanding of neighborhood change and inclusive development in Detroit and similar communities across the country.